What we do

Akevot Institute for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Research is a center for documentation, research and promotion of human rights within the context of the conflict.

Akevot locates, digitizes and catalogues various forms of documentation on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We promote the rights of victims of human rights violations, their relatives and communities to receive information regarding the circumstances of the violation. We investigate the mechanisms, actions and the policies that lead to the violations of human rights in the conflict and also address incidents whose narratives and collective memories play a role in the perpetuation of the conflict.

We are working to expand the public’s access to documentation about the conflict held in government and private archives.

We promote the realization of human rights within the framework of the conflict by providing professional assistance in our field of expertise to human rights struggles of organizations, communities and individuals.



Mooky Dagan

Board Member at Human Rights Defenders' Fund

Ran Goldstein

Executive Director of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel

Roni Pelli

Lawyer at the Association for Civil Rights in Israel

Michael Sfard

Lawyer; Emil Gruzweig human Rights Award Laureate

Hadas Ziv

Director of Public Outreach, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel


Efrat Bergman-Sapir

Director of Legal Department at Public Committee Against Torture in Israel

Ziv Stahl

Director of Research Department at Yesh Din


Lior Yavne

Executive Director

Dr. Noam Hofstadter


Noga Kadman

Cataloguing Specialist

Guy Hirchfeld

Digitization Specialist

Work with Us


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